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We are breeders of cross bred goats- Boer, Spanish and SavannaH.


We have a number of quality bucks- some 100% and some crossbreeds.

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We sell goat meat

Pleasant Valley Farm consists of 120 acres of pasture and hayland located SW of Custer, South Dakota in the Black Hills.  Our permanent herd is 80 does and 10 bucks with those numbers growing to over 200 after kidding.  Our primary business is meat sales and selling quality breed stock for meat production.  We do sell some registered goats and kid goats for 4-H kids.  We have been in business since 2004 and love raising goats.

Starting in 2012, we decided to begin to cross breed Savannah, Spanish and Boer meat goats to improve mothering , lower kid mortality, and better ability to cope with weather conditions, and still give us good meat production.  The goat industry needs producers to begin providing the customer with a consistent, healthy and high quality animal to meet the growing demand for goat meat.  The process involves performance testing of both large and small herds.  We weigh our kids/goats on a regular basis and use the data to evaluate our breeding program.  We now know the genetics of all of our goats and this information will give future producers the ability to meet their herd needs.  When the goat is harvested, weight data is recorded.  Carcass evaluation will give you the final evidence of your herd development.

Pleasant Valley Farm
11778 Pleasant Valley Rd
Custer, SD 57730
 (605) 673-2986
(307) 399-2667
Tom and Susan Barnes



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