Here is our Llama looking after some of the goats.

We love being able to offer our customers an alternative to beef.  We have used goat meat from Pleasant Valley Farm on several occasions as a feature for our burger of the week and our customers love it!  We look forward to being able to continue this service for our customers. BLACK HILLS BURGER & BUN--Christie Smith
We have been purchasing goat meat from Pleasant Valley Farm for the past 3 years and have nothing but praise for the owners. Apart from home delivery (which is a huge convenience) the farm is located close to Custer and we live in Rapid City, The friendly service and great quality of meat are what keeps us coming back every month.  The farm owners are honest, friendly and very personable.  They care about their animals and raise them in as natural a way as possible, which produces sweet tasting, tender meat suitable for many different dishes.  Meat comes in different cuts for ease of use in recipes, and they even produce several varieties 100% goat meat sausage with a proprietary blend of spices. We would definitely recommend Pleasant Valley Goat Farm to any goat meat lover.-- David and Jelena Louie, Rapid City, SD

We've been customers of the Barneses  for  two years and can't find enough words to  describe how much we enjoy their meat , or them! They raise their animals with great care, the way animals should be raised, and it shows in the end product.  Our son's first bite of meat was goat from Susan and Tom and he has loved it ever since! From chops to hamburger and ribs to sausage, everything has been delicious.  One of our favorite meals is sweet Italian goat sausage and gravy on biscuits; it never disappoints.  And Susan and Tom are wonderful people, too, who are willing to share recipes, show you the animals they raise and talk about how they're spending their retirement caring for goats!-Kate & Josh Njacht.
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We have 120 acres surrounded by Forest Service of which 40 acres is grass/alfalfa hay land for winter feed. The remaining acreage is broken into 17 pastures with water and shelter in each. We use a rotational grazing system on the primarily grass pastures.
Pleasant Valley Farm
11778 Pleasant Valley Rd
Custer, SD 57730
(605) 673-2986
(307) 399-2667
Tom and Susan Barnes
GOAT HERDER MAGAZINE-AUGUST 2016- ARTICLE on Pleasant Valley Goat Farm