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Pleasant Valley Farm
11778 Pleasant Valley Rd
Custer, SD 57730
(605) 673-2986
(307) 399-2667
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Welcome to the Pleasant Valley Farm’s website. We are located just outside of Custer, South Dakota, in the Black Hills. We have been raising meat goats since 2004 and have grown to 120 Savanna, Spanish and Boer goats. We provide quality meat and breed stock to a wide area of the region. Goats

We decided in 2012 to begin developing a crossbred goat to improve our ability to supply the growing demand for our meat. In addition we wanted to be able to provide quality breed stock for future goat owners at a reasonable price. We have built Savanna and Spanish herds for this purpose. This cross breed is greatly improving our kid mortality rate and the doe’s ability to care for twins and triplets. We are maintaining a small herd of registered Boer.

Spanish are a breed of meat goat traditionally used for controlling brush and unwanted plants. They are a very hardy, adaptable and possess great mothering traits. Savanna goats were imported from South Africa and are well muscled, healthy and also have good mothering skills. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality goats and a pledge to assist future goat producers.
We are dedicated to raising the highest quality goats possible and assisting others in this endeavor. We invite everyone to come and visit our goat farm and discover the fascinating business of goat production. Farm Sign

About The Farm

We have 120 acres surrounded by National Forest of which forty acres is grass/alfalfa hay land for winter feed. The remaining acreage is broken into seventeen pastures varying in size from one to nine acres with... Read More
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Goat Meat is in Demand

Demand for goat meat in the region as well as nationwide is on the rise. Presently about 50% of all goat meat consumed in the U.S. is imported, giving domestic producers a great opportunity for growth....

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